Downeast Coastal Conservancy

Downeast Coastal Conservancy conserves essential ecological habitats, engages the local community, and fosters an environment where wildlife and people thrive in coastal Washington County, Maine.

Downeast Coastal Conservancy maintains and protects the Orange River Conservation Area and works cooperatively with landowners to protect other land in coastal Washington County from Steuben to Calais and up to Route 9.

This area is part of the last frontier on the Northeast coast of peaceful, untrammeled beauty, including forests, woodlands, wetlands, islands, salt marshes, clam flats, fishing villages and working waterfronts.

DCC is a membership organization whose mission is the conservation of natural habitats and resources of the coastal watersheds, islands and communities of Washington County, Maine, for present and future generations.

Help us protect this special place by observing the following guidelines:

  • Visit only during daylight hours and at your own risk
  • Practice carry-in/carry-out and leave no trace ethics
  • Camping, fires, and ATVs are not permitted
  • Keep dogs under voice control or on leash at all times
  • Please steer clear of nesting birds

Visit Downeast Coastal Conservancy online for more information and a printable map or contact:

Downeast Coastal Conservancy
PO Box 760
Machias, ME 04654
Phone: (207) 255-4500
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