Two-Step Campsite


This reservable campsite (for up to 6 people, 2-night maximum stay) is located along the eastern shore of Rocky Lake.

The nearest water access point is from the Hand Carry access at the Deep Cove parking area within the Rocky Lake preserve. From the Hand Carry, follow the shoreline to the northwest, up and around the small point, and then head south down the eastern shore of the lake, the total distance is approximately 7300 feet (1.33 miles).

If you prefer a longer paddle, the campsite can also be accessed by putting in at the Inland Fish and Wildlife boat launch, located off Halls Mills Road in Whiting. From this location, follow the shore northeast, through the narrowing neck of the lake and continuing along the eastern shore. The campsite is located 8600 feet (1.67 miles) from the boat launch.

Please kindle all fires within the fire ring ONLY. Be sure to safely extinguish all fires completely.

The campsite has only a primitive privy. All waste must be removed, including toilet paper. This will greatly extend the life of the privy and provide a more pleasant experience for the user. No waste should be burned other than paper.

  • Reserve the campsite ahead of time. Reservations are free, and can be made at this link.
  • Remove ALL waste.
  • Respect lake visitors and wildlife by keeping noise low.
  • Some firewood may be provided. Do not cut trees or branches and bringing in firewood from out of state is against the law.
  • Completely extinguish fires before sleeping and before leaving the site.


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This location: 44.805819, -67.249644