Orange Lake Hiking Trailhead


The trailhead to the Orange Lake trail begins in a reclaimed sandy gravel pit on the left as you enter the Maine Coast Heritage Trust Rocky Lake Preserve. The parking lot is suitable for 6 cars or so. After reading the kiosk information and once in the woods, the trail meanders up a slope to a rocky summit view of Orange Lake and the lake outlet across the lake to the south.

The trail comes off the small summit and continues on to the east, through steps in the rocks and down a winding trail to the lakeshore. The hillside to the lake takes a visitor through ferns and a mixed forest of conifers and deciduous trees. The trail tread, therefore, may be covered with vegetation and leaves. Watch for blue blazes on trees to make sure you stay on the trail.

A twelve hundred foot trail along the northern side of Orange Lake ends in a rocky outcropping perfect for lake viewing or picnicking before re-tracing your steps back along the trail to the parking lot. A small area at the western end of this shore trail allows a boat or two to pull-out for a hike.

This trail was completed in 2022.


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This location: 44.805819, -67.249644