Orange Lake Campsite


The Orange Lake campsite is most suited for group camping, with a large flat area under big pines set a bit back from the lake, with a supersized fire ring. This site can easily fit 4 to 5 tents. The access point is behind a small island on the north shore and near the western end of the lake. It will be marked with a small camping sign but may not be obvious until you get close. The portage dock and trail to travel from Orange Lake to Rocky Lake is at the western-most end of the lake.

The north side of Orange Lake has no houses and is mostly, but not all, part of the MCHT Rocky Lake Preserve. However, the southern side of the lake supports many homes. It is generally still a quiet location and respecting those sharing the lake experience will hope for the same from campers.

The campsite has only a primitive privy. All waste must be removed, including toilet paper. This will greatly extend the life of the privy and provide a more pleasant experience for the user. No trash should be burned other than paper.

  • Please go to another designated campsite if it is in use. Do not choose a rogue camping location.
  • Remove ALL waste.
  • Respect lake neighbors by keeping noise low.
  • Some firewood may be provided. Do not cut trees or branches and bringing in firewood from out of state is against the law.
  • Completely extinguish fires before sleeping and before leaving the site.


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This location: 44.805819, -67.249644