Photo: Ken Woisard

Orange River

Section length: 5.1 miles

Historically, runs of alewives, brook trout and other sea-run fish enriched the ecosystem and the economy of the local region. A group of government and nonprofit organizations, including DCC, are working to restore fish passage at a series of dams in the Orange River watershed. The marshes and wetlands that fringe the river provide excellent habitat for nesting ducks, as well as beavers, muskrat, otters, mink and many other kinds of animals. Please be respectful of birds on nests or with young if you visit in the spring or early summer.

Many organizations have worked to protect and restore this river over the years, including Downeast Coastal Conservancy, the Downeast Salmon Federation, and MCHT. The Orange River is one of several focus rivers in MCHT’s Rivers Initiative.